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"Companies with faster feature delivery cycles experience a 20% higher market share gain than their slower competitors"- McKinsey

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Goal Setting & OKRs

What are the goals that your engineers are aligning with either for improvement or moderation of Feature Release Velocity?
Process Efficiency

Process Efficiency

Do you know if your process is geared towards maximizing velocity, identify bottlenecks and minimize production bugs?
Team well being

Team Well-being

What are the signals such as burnout and state of flow that indicate your team's health and well-being, influencing Feature Release Velocity?

Visibility for Leadership

Does the Leadership have enough visibility into different aspects that indicate or flag the reasons that influence your Feature Release Velocity?

What's Inside?

Feature release velocity scorecard
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Know what's achievable in your timeframe and maximize feature releases.
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Get a customized action plan to suit your team's pace and culture.
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Gain predictability, make informed decisions, and succeed together!