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Hivel is an intelligence platform providing Software Engineering Leaders with actionable insights from Dev Tools, empowering them to unlock their organization's full potential. These insights foster high-velocity teams, which in turn significantly boost business impact.
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Used by 250+ Engineering Teams
at startups, unicorns, and IPO companies

Insights that drive Productivity

Correlate data across Git and Jira. Insights from 90 days' historical data when you sign up for the free trial.

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Risk Alerts

Trend Analysis

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SOC2 Compliant

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Async collaboration

Insights for high velocity teams.

Designed for everyone in the engineering organization

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Async updates

Benchmark for relative evaluation

Uncover inefficiencies, compare to industry benchmarks and team averages, and reach full potential.

Industry Benchmarks
Team Averages
Project & Progress Planner
Cycle Time
DORA Metrics

Spot outliers and burnout

Spot high performers, burnout, outlier commits, PRs, and blockers

Outlier Analysis
Burnout Signals
Timeboxing engineering activity
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The future of performance management is more data-driven, more flexible, more continuous, and more development-oriented.
Find your team velocity
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Measure Engineering Metrics

Measure and improve feature release speed, issue frequency, and code churn

Deployment Frequency
Cycle Time
Change Failure Rate
Coding and Review Time
Discover efficiency gains

Built for CTOs, VPEs, EMs and Devs

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No more flying blind without data. Know your team's velocity, understand bottlenecks, improve efficiency. All in one place.
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Proactively identify bottlenecks and unblock the team. Deep dive into critical areas quickly. Speak unified language with leaders and devs.
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Save time with async collaboration. Timely reminders via Slack to accelerate development process.
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How did they introduce DORA metrics among their engineering team seamlessly?

Hear what teams around the world are saying about Hivel

"When my CEO asked about the health of our tech team and how we can improve, the responses were always subjective. Now we use the reports from Hivel regularly during our leadership meetings for better decisions."
Michael  -  Engineering leader, Virginia
With Hivel, we were able to increase our releases by 8% within the first 2 months and can see opportunities for better speed and stability.
CEO - Tech Co-Founder, Silicon Valley, CA
Now, I have a way to clearly measure if my new process changes are being effective or backfiring - in a data driven way.
Chirag  -   CTO of UK based company
Hivel helped us augment our gut-feelings with data, enabled us to be confident in our strategic decisions
CTO  -   Unicorn startup, Texas

Hivel integrates with all your favorite tools

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Over 250+ engineering teams are already gaining productivity with Hivel. See for yourself