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Hivel is an intelligence platform providing Software Engineering Leaders with actionable insights from Dev Tools, empowering them to unlock their organization's full potential. These insights foster high-velocity teams, which in turn significantly boost business impact.
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Insights that drive Productivity

Correlate data across Git and Jira. Insights from 60 days' historical data when you sign up for the free trial

AI Insights

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No code integration

Risk Alerts

Trend Analysis

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SOC2 Compliant

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Async collaboration

Insights for high velocity teams

Designed for everyone in the engineering organization

Advanced Actionable AI Insights

Discover outliers, bottlenecks, and ways to move faster in seconds

Outlier alerts
Root cause analysis
Tactical suggestions
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The future of performance management is more data-driven, more flexible, more continuous, and more development-oriented. Read article.
Cycle Time
DORA Metrics

Benchmark for relative evaluation

Uncover inefficiencies. Compare industry benchmarks and team averages. Reach your full-potential

Industry Benchmarks
Team Averages
Project & Progress Planner
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The future of performance management is more data-driven, more flexible, more continuous, and more development-oriented. Read article.
Find your team velocity
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Measure Engineering Metrics

Measure and improve feature release speed, issue frequency, and code churn

Deployment Frequency
Cycle Time
Change Failure Rate
Discover efficiency gains

Built for CTOs, VPEs, EMs and Devs

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No more flying blind without data. Know your team's velocity, understand bottlenecks, improve efficiency. All in one place.
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Proactively identify bottlenecks and unblock the team. Deep dive into critical areas quickly. Speak unified language with leaders and devs.
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developers Insightly analytics


Save time with async collaboration. Timely reminders via Slack to accelerate development process.
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Hivel integrates with all your favorite tools


DORA metrics was seamlessly introduced at Sendy; hear from
their Head of Engineering, Shiro Theuri

Customer testimonials

"Using Hivel shone a light on the non-standard aspects of our work, emphasizing the need for crucial adjustments. The insights from Hivel helped us recognize areas for improvement, particularly in managing cycle times and streamlining development workflows. This guidance has been instrumental in our efforts to enhance operational efficiency and productivity."

Derek Mackie

Director of Engineering

"Thanks to Hivel, we've seen a staggering 157% improvement in our deployment frequency. By identifying and addressing inefficiencies, and adopting best practices, we've significantly accelerated our progress. Hivel has been instrumental in our journey to operational excellence."

Leonardo Pinheiro Ferrari

Chief Technology Officer

"Hivel has been instrumental in identifying areas for enhancement and guiding our strategic improvements. It has significantly contributed to our journey toward greater operational efficiency. The Activity and Dev360 features in Hivel have been particularly valuable for providing feedback to engineers during 1-1's, enhancing our communication and development practices."

Chris Callendar

Senior Engineering Manager

"Before Hivel, understanding our engineering team's dynamics was a game of guesswork. Now, with Hivel's clear dashboards and insights, our leaders have the clarity and time-saving tools they need to excel. It's been transformative in streamlining our operations."

Shiro Theuri

Senior Director Of Engineering

"Incorporating Hivel into our daily operations has been a game-changer. It's not just a tool; it's a part of our strategic decision-making process, trusted by our leaders at every level. The impact on our engineering efficiency is undeniable and deeply valued."

Koti Reddy

Chief Technology Officer

"It has been great to partner with Hivel to get access to insights that help leaders at all levels gain visibility into bottlenecks and challenges that the teams face, build actionable plan to resolve them and track the progress over time. And thanks for the fantastic support!"

Manoj Awasthi

Chief Technology Officer, JULO

"Hivel's insights have been pivotal in refining our engineering processes, elevating both efficiency and the developer experience. We're now making smarter decisions, faster, thanks to Hivel."

Paras Sood

Associate Director, HighRadius

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