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Cockpit for leaders

Do you know if adding engineers to the team is helping you move faster or slower? Do you know which teams need help? Do you know which teams are performing the best and can share their best practices with other teams?

Get a bird’s eye view of all your teams
Monitor speed, quality, and throughput in a single place
Engage in data-driven conversations for your next meetings

Hivel Platform Features

Coding Breakdown

Coding Breakdown

Know which teams or repos are costing high maintenance or rework. Your next tech debt decision will be driven by data.
Cycle Time

Cycle Time

Identify bottlenecks in the release process. Anticipate risks with clear visibility into every pull request.
Async updates

Async updates

All your team's activity available real-time to minimize status updates.

Investment Profile

Where is the team's effort going? Busy fixing bugs or innovating with new stories? Are the engineering efforts aligned to business objectives? 

Get an epic level breakdown into every sprint
Identify unplanned work and see where you deviate from business goals
See if your process changes are helping you reduce bugs and deliver new stories
investment profile features
investment profile dashboard

DORA Metrics

DORA metrics helps you track the health of your team across critical areas of the software development cycle.

Track cycle time to continuously improve
Gain visibility into your change failure rate
Know your optimal speed with deployment frequency
pull requests

Pull Requests

Get a full view into pull requests, and get access to single click filters to focus on the most important work.

Spot large pull requests that would slow down the review process
View all the pull requests that are merged without review.
Identify open Pull requests and unblock the dependencies
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Hivel integrates with all your favorite tools

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