For Managers

Save time with Productivity Insights and Real-time Sprint progress.

Identify Rework and Maintenance

Identify what's keeping your team busy. Building new features or refactoring or rework.

Identify complex work that's causing high rework
Don't guess projects that need tech debt, focus on repos with highest maintenance

Async Standup Calls

You'll no longer need to keep asking for status updates when you have all the data you need on a single screen, in real-time.

Identify patterns in your engineers' activity
Spot early signs of burnout
Save time during standup calls
Async updates
pull requests insightly analytics

PR Screen and Easy Filters

Stop listening to problems in your retrospective. Get deeper and proactive insights right from here.

Unblock engineers and speed up your process
Reduce hotfixes

Hivel integrates with all your favorite tools

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All this and so much more