Pull Requests

All pull requests, in a single place.

Uncover insights about your quality and throughput at the PR level to gain a bottoms-up view on your organization's performance.

Address Unreviewed PRs
Spot flashy reviews
View largest PRs

Identify blockers

Effortlessly identify and address PRs exceeding 400 Lines of Code, which are known to slow down the review process, using convenient 1-click filters.

Maintain quality standards

Gain visibility into merged and deployed pull requests (PRs) without proper review or with superficial reviews. Mitigate the risk of production bugs by proactively addressing potential issues before they impact your live environment.

Leaders Insightly analytics

Identify long-standing PRs

Streamline your development process with real-time identification of long-standing pull requests (PRs) and extended cycle times. Eliminate dependency bottlenecks, and never miss a feature release deadline again.