Security is at the heart of our application design

Designed for everyone in the engineering organization.

SOC2 Compliant

We are SOC2 compliant and reach us for a copy of the report.

SOC2 Compliant
Security First

Security First Design

Security is at the heart of our application design, and we lean towards higher security even when there's a tradeoff with performance. The engineering team behind Hivel.AI has built large scale applications at the world's top Financial Institutions with utmost security consideration.

Shift Left on Security

With the security first design mindset, we intentionally follow the shift left on security testing during our DevOps process, and every build goes through security testing before it's even released to the end user.

Security First
Security First

Only meta-data, no saving source code

Our analytics uses meta-data generated via read-only API calls to the SCM providers. For instances where API calls aren't available, we perform Git analysis on that particular commit using ephemeral instances, generate the analytics and delete the clone. We are never looking into your code at any time, nor saving the same. It's equally safe for your code, less risky for us.

Security standards
at every step

100% encrypted at transit and at rest. Multi-zone redundancy, multi-tenant database, secure AWS Cloud. No code is saved on our systems.

Security standards at every step

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