DORA Metrics

Establish elite engineering teams with Google's DORA metrics.

Hivel helps you observe the health of your team across critical areas of the software development cycle.

Industry Benchmarking
Establish Resilience
Increase Velocity

Lead Time for Changes

See how long it takes to move from commit to production. Uncover and optimize bottlenecks in the process that slow you down. Deliver value to the end user, faster.

Deployment Frequency

Measure how much and how often you deliver value to your end users. Gain real-time insights into the impact of process and team changes on your deployments. Optimize workflows and drive continuous improvement.

Leaders Insightly analytics

Change Failure Rate

Are you delivering top-notch code to your customers? Discover the true extent of developers' efforts spent on production bugs. Uncover the impact of code reviews on the quality of your releases.

Change Failure Rate

Know how fast your team bounces back from incidents in production. Streamline downtime recovery, optimize processes, and enhance overall system resilience like never before.