February 17, 2023

Insightly Analytics doubled its customers, onboarded multiple unicorns, and is now called Hivel.

Insightly Analytics doubled its customers, onboarded multiple unicorns, and is now called Hivel.
Insightly Analytics doubled its customers, onboarded multiple unicorns, and is now called Hivel.
Sudheer Bandaru

Insightly Analytics doubled its customers, onboarded multiple unicorns, and is now called Hivel.

Insightly Analytics, a one-year-old startup in the Software Development Analytics space, has changed its official name to Hivel.

Hivel is designed to build high-performing engineering teams that thrive on productivity insights. “This inspired the team to rename it as Hivel, which is derived from the abbreviation of High (Hi) Velocity (Vel).” quoted the CEO and founder of Hivel, Sudheer Bandaru.

Studies reveal that agile team practices are just table stakes for any construct of a good engineering team. To optimize performance, software development teams must also have better visibility for technology leadership, a healthy team dynamic, data-driven decision-making, and organizational alignment with engineering efforts.

Engineering teams have experienced rapid transformations since the COVID-19 era. Conventional work units, such as lines of code, coding hours, and story points, are being replaced by new outcome-driven metrics, such as deployment frequency, rework, and more, as per research by the DORA and SPACE frameworks. Companies like Google and Meta have invested in engineering productivity to deliver better features faster.

McKinsey's report on the Developer Velocity index* states that “Launching a new product or feature can still take months. Leaders still struggle to scale promising sandbox innovations. We often hear CEOs, chief technology officers, and chief information officers lament that their software-development spending is a “black box.” Research also confirms that companies with a high Developer Velocity quotient outperform others by 4X to 8X.

One of Hivel's CTO customers from a fast-growing startup shared, "Visibility into predictive quality metrics such as PR reviews and rework enabled us to make the right decisions to reduce hotfixes and improve customer NPS." Using the DORA metrics and SPACE framework to measure a software developer's productivity, engineering leaders are changing how they measure engineering organization success.

Sudheer Bandaru, CEO and Founder of Hivel (formerly Insightly Analytics), mentioned, “We believe engineering leaders need more data and metrics than estimates like story points. I have been a CTO myself and have been privy to blindspots when we don’t have data to predict the speed and quality of the features being developed. I have always been troubled when such factors slow down my team’s ability to ship features faster without engineering burnout.”

Tilak TN, who runs the engineering team at Hivel (formerly Insightly Analytics), stated: "We think engineering leaders need more data and metrics than just story points estimates. After carrying out several agile ceremonies, such as standup calls and retros, and supervising multiple teams, we have observed blind spots when we lack data to forecast the speed and quality of the features we are developing. I have always been concerned when such issues impede our team's ability to deliver features quickly without engineering burnout."

Hivel is an essential part of the data-driven engineering leaders, setting a new benchmark for building with high-velocity engineering teams. Hivel experienced a twofold increase in customers during the final quarter of the 2022-23 fiscal year and is aiming for rapid growth this year due to the heightened focus on numerous companies that share the same sentiment as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg, which has been labeled the "Year of Efficiency.” Engineering leaders at unicorns like HighRadius, Conga, Shiprocket, and other fast-growing startups, rely on Hivel to build and maintain top-notch engineering teams.

Until now, Hivel (Previously Insightly Analytics) onboarded and delivered productivity insights to over 250 teams across the globe last year. Sudheer Bandaru, CEO and founder of Hivel (former Insightly Analytics), emphasizes the potential and necessity of productivity insights that are not readily available to CTOs and other engineering leaders. He brings to light their learning, *“Even in a small team size of 50 engineers with just a 10% increase in productivity will start experiencing cost savings over USD $500K, thus increasing the revenue per engineer”. ***

About Hivel

Hivel (former Insightly Analytics) is a Software Development Analytics Platform designed for engineering leaders that offer Productivity Insights drawn from dev tools. It’s built by engineers, has superior time to value, and is user-friendly to transform engineering teams from good to great.

Hivel is already used by over 250 engineering teams across the globe. It is built on the tenets of DORA metrics, the SPACE framework, and other principles that promote engineering productivity standardization while achieving engineers' well-being.


*Developer Velocity Index by McKinsey - Research

**ROI approximations and assumptions based on a team of 60 engineers at USD $107K average salary.

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Insightly Analytics doubled its customers, onboarded multiple unicorns, and is now called Hivel.
Sudheer Bandaru
Founder, CEO

Sudheer started as a Software developer in Silicon Valley, worked at startups and large corporations like Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Hewlett Packard. Sudheer got into engineering leadership roles at startups that went IPO, led multiple M&As in the US, and managed remote global teams. During his career, there were many instances where he felt that a lack of data-driven culture for continuous improvement of processes led to poor gut-based decisions and costly mistakes. This problem led him to start Hivel Analytics which helps engineering teams continuously improve via access to critical metrics using interactive dashboards and actionable insights.

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