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Linear B is great, but it’s a one-size-fits-all.
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Linear B offers a vast but overwhelming data set requiring you to chart your own path. Hivel is tailored to your unique processes and goals—whether it’s speeding up delivery, enhancing quality, or maximizing resource efficiency. Hivel ensures every metric drives towards defined outcomes with a user-friendly interface and real-time data. Our drill-down capabilities support effective decision-making during critical meetings, setting Hivel apart as a tool that’s intuitively aligned with your team’s needs.

Why Hivel is the right tool for you

Completely customizable

Linear B's playbooks are templated and lack customization, limiting adoption. Hivel offers tailored metrics and white-glove success to align with your goals, providing CTOs, Directors, and Team Leads with actionable, personalized insights.

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Drill-down insights

Linear B users often struggle to find actionable insights in its vast data. Hivel provides immediate, AI-powered insights, allowing you to drill down from the entire organization to specific commits for accurate data. Its real-time capabilities make it perfect for stand-ups and retrospectives.

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Outcome-focused metrics

Linear B’s output metrics, like working hours, complicate decision-making and cause developer apprehension. Hivel prioritizes quality metrics over quantity, focusing on Speed, Quality, and Throughput to provide leaders with clear outcomes and leading indicators.

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